Boom Deflector

Equipment Fabrication
Envirotech is your number one company for customized equipment fabrication and sales. We have decades of experience in Oil Spill response using a large variety of different response equipment. We not only sell the best, but we have spent years of R & D learning what works, and more importantly what doesn't!! Contact us for all your fabrication needs!!



Plains TrailerEnvirotech specializes in Emergency Response trailers, whether it be a 53 foot highway trailer, a sea container mounted on skids, or an aluminium car hauler trailer in sizes ranging from 18-26 feet. Our specialized boom trailer, designed exclusively by Len Brown works expertly at bringing the boom right down to the water where it can be unloaded directly into the river without causing damage to the boom by dragging through the mud and over the rocks.

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Len Brown, and Envirotech are available to consult with your company to discuss your needs specific to you. Len has been responding to oil spills, training oil spill clean up, boom deployment, winter ice recovery and much more for over 35 years!

Mapping and GPS location for Control point access to rivers, creeks and lakes has been our other specialty for several years. We have followed pipelines through Alberta, British Columbia and several states in the U.S. Having the quickest and best access information readily on hand, so your field employees can respond to an emergency without unnecessary delays is of the upmost importance. We can set this up for you alongside the best Geomatics companies.

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Envirotech no longer actively participates with training, but we would be happy to assist you in finding the best instructor for your needs.

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