Boom Deflector

Equipment Fabrication
Envirotech is your number one company for customized equipment fabrication and sales. We have decades of experience in Oil Spill response using a large variety of different response equipment. We not only sell the best, but we have spent years of R & D learning what works, and more importantly what doesn't!! Contact us for all your fabrication needs!!


Envirotech specializes in contingency planning & oil spill response procedures for open watercourses. The company also fabricates & supplies oil spill response equipment such as containment booms, skimmers, portable tanks, & all accessory items.  Services would be of interest to petroleum exploration, production & transportation companies.

Envirotech specializes in oil spill response equipment and oil spill response training, specific expertise with oil containment and recovery procedures and equipment for flowing water (rivers) and recovery equipment for cold climates.

Envirotech has recently received Canadian and U.S. patent protection for our boom deflection device. This item is used to deploy spill response equipment in fast water providing effective containment of oil. This device has recently gained a lot of attention in the U.S. market.

Environmental Profile

Envirotech Nisku Inc. specializes in oil containment and recovery equipment for both emergency and non-emergency situations. Specific area of expertise is with the equipment and techniques involved with petroleum spills on river courses.

Envirotech Nisku Inc. provides consulting services in the areas of contingency planning, environmental assessment, equipment acquisition and personnel training.

Other areas of expertise include spill response procedures for northern climates and specialized equipment for extremely viscous oils.

Envirotech Nisku Inc. has recently provided equipment and consulting services to the USA (Alaska), Ecuador and the central Siberian region of Russia. Envirotech Nisku Inc. is interested in further pursuing international markets.

Country of Ownership: Canada

Year Established: 1988